Loligals Mutual-Trust Based Service Agreement

Order Cancellation

Buyers sometimes may need to cancel their order after some second thought, Please refer to below examples to learn our order cancellation rules:

1. Orders on stocked products - Cancel  any time before we ship out

2. Orders on made to order products - Cancel within 3 days

3. Orders on custom size products - Not allowed for cancellation after tailoring started

4. Orders on pre-order products - Not allowed for cancellation within processing time


Return Policy

Loligals always aim to achieve high customer satisfaction. we will always take the extra step to serve our customers better, however, we have to admit the fact that within our limited power we can not make all customers happy. Since problems can not be avoided 100% the attitude to deal with problems is very important.

In order to avoid future odds, we would like address on all major problem a buyer may have in detail unlike other sellers to give a general claim like 7 days free return 15 days free exchange.

Loligals' Settlements on Tiny Issue 

Partial refund or Coupon code on flying threads, washable mark/stains and some slight scratches. However buyer need to tell us within 3 days since delivery.

Loligals' Settlements on Color Difference

The different light effect and PC screen resolution may cause some unavoidable color differences. If a product of severe color differences is received, buyer can choose either to return it or to keep it for some partial refund of 30%-50% of the product price.

Loligals Settlements on Size Issue

Fitting issue is one of the most common problem in online shopping. Below we will highlight the most typical problems we might have and give you our solution towards them one by one.

1. Wrong size Chart, Loligals cover shipping all cost

2. Product size does not match size chart, Lolicals cover all shipping cost 

3. Buyer choose wrong size, buyer cover shipping cost 

4. Buyer provide inaccurate size for custom tailoring, buyer cover all cost.

Loligals' Settlement on General Quality Issues

This is really the most hard to solve issue but lucky enough we do not have many such cases count from the day we launch this business.To resolve such issue, we will propose some reasonable amount of refund to make buyer feel better and lower their quality standard. However, they can cover the shipping cost to return the product for a full refund if they insist on returning.